! A+ ENERGY RATING ON A BUDGET! Residential A energy rated Homes.

As a practice AXN architecture is committed to finding economic solutions to the environmental concerns of today. We have been and are committed to finding ways that address climate change, within the scope of our clients design and budgetary requirements. To date AXN has specified and integrated the following Technologies:
Ground source heat pumps,
Super insulation,
Photovoltaic panels,
Mechanical heating ventilation recovery,
Solar panels,
Air source heat pumps,
Reed bed filtration systems.
SUDS systems,
Grey water harvesting systems,
Prefabricated construction systems,
Insulated concerte forwork,
Concrete insulated panels,
SIPS panels
Timber frame and masonry construction,
Steel frame and insulated cladding panel construction.

We bring our expertise to every project and consider appropriateness of technology to the question posed by a particular design.

If you have an enquiry regarding your project please get in touch via the contact box below: