C listed House extension : South Anderson Drive, Aberdeen

A side extension  and double garage designed by AXN. The original  house  was designed by famous Aberdonian  Architect Scott Sutherland for his mother. The brief and existing building call for a sensitive refurbishment and extension project to complement the existing building. The internal layout has been designed to maximise the feeling of space, light and luxury whilst bringing the family together.South Anderson Drive, Aberdeen


The unusually steep roof , the tall windows and chimney stack with steep pitch dormers give this house a character of grandeur and robust quality which belie the simplicity of the design. The verticality of the existing dwelling is balanced by large block pink granite horizontal accents (at first quite grey). The gutters and flashings all provide a strong horizontal accents.
The existing kitchen is very small and the existing utility extension is of poor quality and in need of reconstruction. The immediate surrounding architecture is characterised by typical render, stone and timber detailing with typical pitched roofs and window arrangements.
The design brief calls to upgrade the house to modern spaces standards, with the addition of master bedroom and garage for two cars. The ambition is to create a modern extension that respects the house and locale in terms of vernacular reference, scale , proportion , mass and materiality.
The design is essentially a one and a half storey extension similar to the existing arrangement, broken visually from the existing dwelling with a strip of dark timber. A modern dormer in the form of a zinc window surround references the dormers of the existing dwelling and creates usable space in the same way, however expressed in a more contemporary manner.
Dark timber , zinc and render have been chosen as materials to express the form as they are of high quality, they respect the vernacular detailing and the colour palette will compliment the muted, sombre tones of the existing dwelling. The pitched roof on the extension will be lower than the existing roof to assist in denoting the new element as an extension. The gutter lines and transom lines have been carried through in places to help tie the existing dwelling visually to the new extension. The existing window sizes and proportions have been repeated in the new extension which give a subtle visual connection , however the transom have been staggered to give a playful delicate feel to the extension. The play of form and materials of the new extension help to break up the mass.