New Build ECO HOUSE: Smithy Cottage, Laurencekirk

A sustainable new build house  in Laurencekirk. A futuristic ‘A’ energy rated hermetically sealed building. Green technologies used include: Ground source heat pump, heat recovery, photovoltaic panels and super insulated walls and windows.  The expression of the house is a vernacular contemporary hybrid that overcame the planning constraints of the site.The family is at the heart of any home and the house is designed to allow family boundaries to be protected whilst bringing the family closer. Architecture as a tool for family inclusion and connectedness.

The client provided us with initial sketches showing the basic layout of the house over ground and first floor, we have tried to stay true to this layout while improving the relationships between spaces and maximising the potential of all rooms.  We also kept the circulation space to a minimum as to increase the living areas. We have included an enclosed dining room which provides a link between the kitchen and living.


To satisfy planning restrictions we opted for a one and a half storey dwelling and achieved a feeling of greater height through the use of dominant vertical windows and areas of vertical timber cladding. We incorporated two large dormer windows on the East elevation in order to increase the area of the family room and bedroom 2 as well as allowing more light into the building.