B listed Extension/ Refurb: Roselea Cottages, Loch Lomond

A modern extension of a Grade-C listed cottage. We took away the old conservatory and created a dynamic multipurpose folding roof that acts as roof, rooflight, entrance shelter and wall. This create a very strong identity and ensured a singularity of the design. The warm materials complimented the cold whitewashed walls of the existing dwelling. The narrow  plan  design solution opened up the interior spaces to provide a multifunctional space that could be intimate when necessary.

  The space is designed to open up to the garden whilst introducing any visitors to the warm inviting home slowly, past warm and intimate materials. The entrance and progression through a series of increasingly intimate spaces arouses anticipation and results with a feeling of security within the home. Opening up the interior spaces increases the feeling of openness and light whilst flexible screens allow for an intimate space by a reinstated hearth.