LOW COST – Low energy Houses research

AXN have collaborated with Strathclyde University to develop a bespoke range of fixed price sustainable, fully project managed ECO Homes. Through this we have compiled an extensive range of information and detail about the various construction  systems and grant schemes available. A large aspect of the developed house types is their sustainable credentials and how this responds to current client needs within the [.....]


In collaboration with Arcalign and Walker Architectural consultants, AXN Architecture have been considering the re-use and redevelopment of the traditional Glasgow tenement back court. These urban spaces are often under utilised and un-owned in spirit. Sketch proposals for a template of redevelopment are currently being developed with a view to securing funding for re-habilitation of a Glasgow Southside back court. If you are [.....]

! A+ ENERGY RATING ON A BUDGET! Residential A energy rated Homes.

As a practice AXN architecture is committed to finding economic solutions to the environmental concerns of today. We have been and are committed to finding ways that address climate change, within the scope of our clients design and budgetary requirements. To date AXN has specified and integrated the following Technologies: Ground source heat pumps, Super insulation, Photovoltaic panels, Mechanical heating ventilation [.....]