LOW COST – Low energy Houses research

AXN have collaborated with Strathclyde University to develop a bespoke range of fixed price sustainable, fully project managed ECO Homes.

Through this we have compiled an extensive range of information and detail about the various construction  systems and grant schemes available.

A large aspect of the developed house types is their sustainable credentials and how this responds to current client needs within the market. The feasibility study has developed robust data, supported by the University. This accompanies each house type to demonstrate savings and holistic benefits of the sustainable design strategies employed.

We see the future benefits of this collaboration to extend past the initial feasibility study as the conclusion of the feasibility study will help sell the new homes to clients. This allows development of further house types,leading to post occupancy appraisal. Outcomes and feedback will refine the outcomes of the study.

The relevance of the data generated for sustainable construction of new build homes is clear. With a national housing shortage and increasing energy and transportation costs there is the clear potential to assess the whole process of construction. This will be accompanied by a real world post-occupancy energy review regarding heat, hot water, cold water, co2 usage. This data will then be fed back into the design process to refine a system which can be used for the expansion of the ‘ECO HOMES’ range.

This study , which targets a sustainable solution to the housing shortfall in Scotland, developed a range of low cost, fixed price, sustainable buildings which are available to a much wider sector of society. We see this as having the potential of advancing an already growing industry, delivering sustainable buildings and building products within Scotland, which is based on our specific climate and geography.

Our ultimate aim for the ECO homes’ collection is to develop this as a viable national solution to the housing shortfall, providing a much clearer, cost certain route for many potential home owners to procure their own sustainable homes. As our homes come with a guarantee of a certain fixed price we anticipate that, underpinned by the University’s research data, these projects would be more likely to secure bank funding and would allow many more people in the country to consider constructing their own home.

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