House extension and refurbishment. Glasgow, Cathcart.

A refurbishment and extension of a Victorian home in Glasgow. Our proposal to remodel and extend this Victorian property was designed to reinvigorate and reconnect family life. Sustainable materials have been used throughout to promote social and environmental sustainability within the design solution, creating an elegant, responsible design.The roof soars as a wing to the great expanse of the countryside offering shelter , shade and defines an external space for socialising.

The idea of connecting family life back to the garden has been embraced. Increased insulation levels throughout have allowed extra glazing to be used increasing the feeling of space and light. This allows us to enhance the visual connection to the garden and the broader landscape.

The design solution sought to lightly connect with the existing property through the use of glazed connections. The use of lead as a traditional, recyclable, Scottish roofing material was embraced. These design moves allowed the contemporary form to connect with the palette of materials on the existing Victorian property.

The elevation shows the external sheltered area within the scheme design. This provides usable external space in front of a large opening glass screen, which allows the new addition to engage fully with the garden, providing a space both inside and out which accommodates a variety of social functions.